Today to introduce the auto parts decoration in another important member, the car rear bumper protector.




What is the car rear bumper protector? Car rear bumper protector is, usually refers to the tail plate installed in the rear of the car body, there are inner rear bumper protector and outer rear bumper protector. The inner rear bumper protector, usually installed near the rear of the trunk, can protect the car body, increase hardness, prevent scratch or collision when taking or putting luggage items, easy to clean and easy to clean. The outer rear bumper protector, usually installed in the rear of the body outside, also plays the role of collision prevention and scratch prevention, absorbing the impact force when the car traffic accident, reducing the injury of the passengers. Of course, it can also play a decorative role, delicate and eye-catching appearance, for your vehicle to add more charm.




The material is usually made of SUS304, some are ABS + SUS304.. It probably the stainless steel cutting machine will be cut into pieces according to a certain proportion of the model, and then use a punch to grind the corners, and then cover the corners with black like rubber. Some will be printed in the center of the rear guard plate manufacturers’ brand words, words are pressed and ground, bumps and downs have a three-dimensional sense.




Existing automobile car rear bumper protector for more separate a tabular structure made of stainless steel material, through the stamping mold, and in the process of forming, as a result of the stainless steel material itself warp factor, after forming the guard may be linked to body of the installation location cannot form effective, after installation may be gaps, cause the overall appearance is not beautiful; And the stainless steel material is extremely sharp, when installed behind the body, when the user opens or closes the trunk cover, or when taking items from the trunk, it is easy to scratch hands or scrape items by the rear guard. According to this point, Superior Auto Accessories Co. Ltd purposely adopts 3D data to open the mold. The original car data is scanned with accurate data and absolutely fits the car body.




In addition to the traditional Chrome, you can also choose from black hairline, car fiber matte and silver hairline. You can mix and match different colors for different vehicles, depending on your preference.




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