What is 3D floor mat?



3D floor mat refers to a layer of car interior products used to protect the car’s health and cleanliness after the new car is bought back. According to the production process is divided into: a molding car glue and hand sewing molding car glue. Different materials, different workmanship, generally PVC, PU, imitation of the microfiber, microfiber leather and other materials. The main role of floor mat is to keep the car clean and beautiful.



Recently, A new 3D Floor Mat was launched by Superior Auto Accessories Co. Ltd. The material is made of TPV, which has the advantages of preventing dirt and odor, and preventing liquid from contaminating the floor hygiene of the car, such as cement sand brought by shoes after rain. After pollution, as long as the wet cloth cleaning can quickly remove the dirt, cleaning is simple and convenient.




In addition, it can also block chassis noise, can effectively prevent the vehicle chassis and tire noise into the cockpit. Because the artificial leather is more sound-absorbing, it provides a better quality and safe environment for driving.



The difference with ordinary plastic mat:

3D floor mat and ordinary plastic mat comparison: ordinary plastic mat although the laying is simple, the cushion has some protection, but the edge is still easy to enter ash, and the driving seat can not provide protection.



In addition, the simple spread up the mat will also move in the bottom of the car. Spread 3D glue without appeal shortcomings, is a good way to “escape”, and the normal service life is generally 5-6 years or more (the relative cost is not high).


More details can be learned through our official website, welcome to inquiry!

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