Most consumers’ choice – Prius 30,Most consumers’ choice-Bumper Grill Trim
Most consumers’ choice – Prius 30,Most consumers’ choice-Bumper Grill Trim

The times are developing, and various vehicles are constantly introducing new ones. However, Prius 30, this model is still the first choice of many people.


As the world’s first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car, the Prius used the world-leading innovative THS technology at the time to integrate the inherently irreconcilable contradiction between environmental protection and power through the collaborative working mode of gasoline engine and electric motor. The Prius was highly praised as soon as it was launched on the market. As one of the greatest hybrid cars in history, the Prius provides consumers with a way to save costs while protecting the environment.


In addition, the quality of its own products is really outstanding. It uses the 1.8L 5ZR-FXE engine and the THS-II system with a stronger motor to solve the problem of insufficient power of the previous 1NZ-FXE. Moreover, as the third-generation Prius, the ZVW30 has the same technology. It is more mature than before, and the design is more brilliant than the previous generation.


For this model, our company also has a full set of car accessories. Including, bumper grill trim, door visor, rear bumper trim, car window trim, etc. Among them, our bumper grill trim is the best-selling and most popular among consumers.


The material of it is made of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant SUS304 stainless steel, which makes the product itself difficult to rust. Long-term use will not cause problems such as fading, and the service life is longer.All the data of the product are 3D modeling of the real car, the data is accurate and absolutely fit the model. But before buying,please confirm your car model.We can support OEM.Strong double-sided 3M tape has been attached to the back.It has the characteristics of strong adhesion and high stability.Easy installation and nondestructive installation.


In addition to this product, we have other products to choose from, and more can be viewed on our official website.

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