In car decorations, car door handle covers are common but important.


Generally speaking, car door handle decoration strips are plastic electroplated parts that are installed on the door handles for decoration. The existing door handle decoration strips are generally installed on the door handles through the hooks provided on the decoration strips. The strip is a plastic electroplated part, the hook will become hard and brittle after electroplating, and cannot be elastically deformed during the installation process, which will cause assembly difficulties. Forcible deformation may break the hook and cause the entire decorative strip to be scrapped. This may not only cause damage to the vehicle, but also affect our driving safety.


Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of this situation, most of our company’s existing products are made of high-quality SUS304. Compared with traditional stainless steel, Sus304 stainless steel has stronger corrosion resistance and hardness, and it is even in cold and hot environments. It can be shaped and is widely used in lathe parts manufacturing, industrial equipment parts and automobile manufacturing industries. Our products are manufactured according to professional molds, with bright and clean appearance, simple installation, designed according to various models, special for special vehicles, 3M glue on the back, and direct sticking, simple and convenient installation. The product has undergone several sampling tests of the original factory data before leaving the factory to ensure that the arc length of the product is highly fitted.


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