The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and at the same time it has entered a period of frequent rains in summer. As a professional and quality-assured manufacturer-SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD, I would like to recommend “Summer Hot Products”-Window Visor .


Window Visor is usually made of ABS, PC, PMMA, and is roughly divided into transparent and colored. The color depends on personal preference. Most people will choose transparent color, which will not block the line of sight. Some people choose black, brown, etc. They will find it more personalized, beautiful and match the color of the car body, which is more uniform.

Installing Window Visor has many functions:


  1. When it rains, open the window to prevent rainwater from directly pour into the car, and also prevent the rainwater scraped by the wiper from blowing into the car.


  1. When you want to breathe, roll down the window, the air flow from the outside of the car will not directly blow the face and affect the driving and passengers.


  1. Block the glare and ultraviolet light on the side, reduce the temperature inside the car, and block the rain, snow, wind and sand from entering the car, without affecting the external air exchange; prevent the glare and glare on the side from affecting the driving sight.


  1. Avoid direct direct sunlight into the car and improve the temperature inside the car.


  1. When it is raining, some people do not want to turn on the air conditioner, they only need to open a little glass gap. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is small, and the surface of the windshield inside the car will not be fogged.


  1. For peculiar smells in the car, such as smoke and heavy-tasting food, the peculiar smell can be sucked out of the car only by opening the window of two or three centimeters, which is more effective than any air conditioning system.


  1. When it rains, the air is sultry and you want to open the window to breathe, or you want to smoke, the weather block can let you open the window without getting wet.


  1. Keep fresh air convection, under any circumstances will not produce glass fog and affect the sight and operation, to ensure that the car fits the needs of the human body and increase driving safety.


However, we must also pay attention to choosing good materials and quality products. If products with poor materials are easy to cause water leakage, it will temporarily cause the interior of the car, and can also cause a short circuit of the electronic components in the car, damage the car, and affect driving safety. Pay attention to whether the adhesion is strong or not. If the adhesion is insufficient, the window visor will suddenly fall off on the highway, which will seriously endanger the lives of vehicles or others behind. Another point is that when choosing the glue behind the window visor, choose a non-marking one. If you don’t want to remove it someday, there will be no ugly glue marks left in the removed place.


For more details, please pay attention to our official website for consultation, welcome to inquire.

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