Top Ranked Car Exterior Window Trim For Toyota C-hr
Top Ranked Car Exterior Window Trim For Toyota C-hr


If you ask SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD, which product is the most popular among Toyota C-hr, then it is Window Trim.


The biggest difference between this Window Trim and other previous Window Trim is that it fits best. It is made with 3D mold opening technology, 3D data scanning, one-to-one ratio restoration, and it has undergone multiple quality checks before shipment, which is very trustworthy for consumers.


Moreover, its stylish shape, matched with the texture of the body itself, can have a refreshing effect and add to the charm of the vehicle. However, some people also feel that installing Window Trim is unnecessary. In fact, in addition to its decorative function, Window Trim can also play a protective role. When the vehicle is driving in dense woods, there may be some small branches that collide with the body. When the vehicle is driving at high speed and the branches are particularly hard, it is easy to cause scratches and scratch the paint. If it is installed, Window Trim does not have to worry about this problem. If it is used with a pillar cover, the effect will be better.


In addition, the installation method is also very simple. The 3M glue has been attached to the back of the product. Just wipe the parts to be installed first, then tear off the 3M glue on the back and stick it on. Very simple and non-destructive installation, will not damage the structure of the original car.



In addition to this window trim, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD also has many car trim products for consumers to choose from. For more details, please leave a message on our official website, welcome to inquire!

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