The Function For Car Exterior Accessories Door Handle Cover
The Function For Car Exterior Accessories Door Handle Cover

Recently, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD launched the new Freed GB5/6/7/8 product. The car door handle cover has aroused widespread attention and has been favored by a large number of domestic and foreign consumers.



So, what is the role of car door handle cover?

First, it can be used as a tool for distance judgment .Generally speaking, the door handles of the car are coordinated with the rear-view mirror of the car.Although the car is not without the reversing image now, once the reversing image has a problem or the black screen is too late to replace it in time, the owner can use the door handle. When reversing, we usually have to check the distance first, then confirm the position of the door handle on the rear-view mirror, and then follow the reversing requirements step by step, and almost nothing wrong will happen.



Second, the rear-view mirror can be adjusted according to the position of the door handle

It is very common that the owner’s car is parked on the road and the rear-view mirror is bumped. In fact, adjusting the rear-view mirror is also exquisite. First, we need to adjust the seat to a comfortable position, and then we can start to adjust the rear-view mirror. The usual way is to let the body occupy one-third of the rear-view mirror, the door handle of the car In the lower right corner, this is almost correct.



Third, it can be decorated and prevent minor scratches

Car door handle cover, generally chrome-plated bright color, can enhance the overall texture of the car, and is classic and generous without losing simplicity. The new car door handle cover of SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The material is excellent. It can protect your car from minor scratches.


In addition, the installation method is very simple. There is a 3M tape attached to the back of the product. You only need to tear off the 3m tape on the back, and then stick to the part that needs to be installed. It is simple and convenient, without destroying the original car design.


In addition to this car door handle cover, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD also has many car trim products for consumers to choose from. For more details, please leave a message on our official website, welcome to inquire!


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