Hot New Lunch Car Rear Bumper Trim For Nissan Note E13
Hot New Lunch Car Rear Bumper Trim For Nissan Note E13

Recently, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD, among the new Note E13 products, the Car Rear Bumper Trim has attracted widespread attention and has been favored by a large number of consumers at home and abroad.


The biggest difference between this Car Rear Bumper Trim and others ,which is that made with 3D mold opening technology, 3D data scanning, one-to-one ratio restoration, and it has been repeated many times before shipment. Quality inspection is very trustworthy for consumers.


Moreover, its stylish shape, matched with the texture of the body itself, which can have a refreshing effect and add to the charm of the vehicle. In addition to its decorative function, Car Rear Bumper Trim can also play a protective role. When the vehicle collides at high speed, it can reduce the injury of the driver and the occupant. In the car exterior trim, car rear bumper trim is mainly installed on the rear bumper of the car to absorb and alleviate external impact. The bumper has the functions of safety protection, decoration of the vehicle and improvement of the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. From a safety point of view, the car can play a buffering role when a low-speed collision accident occurs, protecting the front and rear body; it can play a certain role in protecting pedestrians when an accident occurs with a pedestrian. From the appearance point of view, it is decorative and has become an important part of decorating the appearance of a car, at the same time, the car bumper also has a certain aerodynamic effect.


In addition to this Car Rear Bumper Trim, SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES CO. LTD also has many car trim products for consumers to choose from. For more details, please leave a message on our official website, welcome to inquire!

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