Summer is getting hotter and hotter. In addition to car window visors, which are hot-selling products, car sun shade covers have also become the first choice of many car owners.


Many vehicles are parked in the open air, most of the time is exposed to the sun for a long time, in this way, in addition to accelerating the aging of the paint, it will also cause the aging of the instrument panel. In order to extend the life of the dashboard, most car owners will add a protective “car sun shade cover” to their car.


The material of the car sun shade cover is basically aluminum foil, which is also used in the market now. The main benefit of car sun shading is to block the sun, so that the light in the active area cannot enter the car. To a certain extent, it can reduce the heat in the car, and it can also prevent the leather seats and dashboard from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. In addition, there are functions to increase privacy. It is not clear from the outside of the car to look inside the car, which can increase some safety factors. These functions are reflected in the parking situation. Therefore, when choosing a sunshade, it is best to choose a double-thickened one, in this case, the use effect will be better.



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